Global sources electronics & components fair comes to a successful conclusion

By the end of April 14, 2018,  Global sources electronics & components exhibition has come to a successful conclusion.


It is well known that Global sources electronics & components fair is the world’s largest electronics sourcing show held in Hong Kong, Asia World-expo. Participated vendors in the show are the industry innovation leader . The Gamemax participating products of this exhibition not only include the all series computer case , psu,all in one  ,but also gaming accessories products like gaming keyboard,mouse and cooler and so on .


At the booth of GAMEMAX, hundreds of foreign customers are receipted every day. The most inquiries are from gaming case and 80plus modular psu 

GAMEMAX  comes back with fruitful results from attending global sources fair every time. Besides orders, what is more important that we do exchange, communication and interaction with customers and understand the customer demands on our products, the suggestions for product improvement and the ever-changing market trend, which help this enterprise to respond to market change and achieve sustainable development with sustainable innovation.