What is Mini ITX?

What is Mini ITX?

Mini-ITX is a small form factor for PCs that generally does not require as much power as other form factors. Other small form factors are TFX and Flex ATX PSUs, which may act as replacements for pre-built systems and proprietary cases from manufacturers, such as Dell and HP, as well as some of the more unique power supplies we stock in this category. These are all smaller than ATX and are often used in compact desktop PCs and HTPCs.

Why should I get Mini-ITX?

Because Mini-ITX is such a small form factor, it's ideal for building compact systems for use in your living, bedroom, or elsewhere that you want people to notice the display instead of your PC tower. At the same time you may not have a choice NOT to go with an ITX power supply - if you have a case and it's mITX, you have to go with this form factor.

What is a flex atx power supply?

The Flex ATX power supply family features small form factor power supplies that adhere to the fATX size specification. Efficiency level up to bronze standard based on your requirement. Flex ATX model available in 220W~270W. Flex PSU size: 150*81.5*40 mm Chassis: Middle tower, Cube, Book size Motherboard Dimension: 6.7 x 6.7 inch; 170 x 170 mm. FlexATX PSUs are commonly found in small form factor systems, such as a mini-ITX. With smaller computers in demand the FLEX form factor is becoming a necessity for Mini-ITX and 1UITX computers.Like its name the FLEX ATX is a compact and flexible Power Supply.Designed for 1UITX rackmounts, Mini-ITX chassis, or as a replacement PSU for IBM SurePOS, Shuttle XPC, and HP Pavillion systems.FATX can be used to build media servers, a slim pc, business server, and provide power for all types of slimline kiosks.