RGB Series Gaming PCs give you the ultimate control

RGB Series Gaming PCs give you the ultimate control

The new Chillblast RGB range of gaming PCs are designed to give you superlative performance in the very latest Triple-A PC games, but they are also a statement of individualism and style that you can change with your mood. Each PC has fully controllable RBG LEDs built into the cooling fans, LED light strips and motherboard.  You can control the way the LEDs in your case behave with strobe, pulse and breathing settings, you can set the lights to subtly fade from one colour into the next or you can turn them right down or even off if you are planning some stealthy late-night play. Each of the PCs comes with an RGB remote control unit allowing you to control the lighting system at the touch of a button.  The range consists of three outstanding PC systems each of which has been finely balanced to deliver a superlative experience.