Transparent case side panel or front panel

First of all know what Acrylic this concept

acrylic is acrylic English Chinese names, translated is organic glass, chemical name for poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) is a kind of development early importantthermal plastic, with good transparency, chemical stability and weather resistance, easy to dye, easy processing, beautiful appearance,in materials and construction industry has a wide application.

The following diagram for acrylic plate:


Acrylic plate according to the production process can be divided into two categories one is acrylic cast plate, the other is acrylic plate.

Acrylic casting plate: high molecular weight, good stiffness, strength and excellent chemical resistance properties. This material is characterized by small batch processing, in thecolor system and surface texture effect is incomparable flexibility, and product specifications are complete, for a variety of special purpose.

Acrylic plate: compared with casting, Extrusion board with lower molecular weight, mechanical properties. However, this feature is advantageous to the bending and the heatforming process, in the processing size big plate, is advantageous inthe quick plastic vacuum plastic molding. At the same time, the thickness of the Extrusion board is smaller than the casting plate..

Because the Extrusion board is the large volume automatic production,the color and the specification inconvenience adjustment, therefore theproduct specification variety is limited by certain.

The characteristics of Acrylic:

1, excellent transparency, colorless and transparent organic glass plate before transmittance can reach 92%

2, the natural environment has very strong adaptability, long time of sunlight, wind and rain will not change

3, good processing performance, can be suitable for machining

4, excellent plasticity, can be dyed, spray paint, silk screen or vacuum coating

5, with non-toxic pollution-free characteristics, in the combustiondoes not produce toxic gases, based on characteristics of Alec board,now part of the transparent enclosure, the side plate using sub Lectraplate, such as master a heavy metal plate:


In the long time use side through the chassis may will be careful notto knock against, not by strength very high impact acrylic plate can not be damaged or cracked.

To avoid scratches, these scratches may because we installed ascrewdriver or screw accidentally came across, or is your computerchassis side of things happen a little bit of friction leave thecracking doings.

The hardness of acrylic board can help in the case of hardwareprotection, but relative to the hardness of the sheet metal is still acertain gap.

On the Internet we can see a lot of netizens will will transform yourside, to find some manufacturers specify a suitable for their owntransformation plate size acrylic plate. We should pay attention to under the acrylic plate thickness in thepursuit of visual effect at the same time, recommendations for theselection of acrylic plate thickness 2.8mm-3.0mm.