PWM+Rainbow HUB V1.61
Product Features:
1. Built-in program > 100 modes
2. 7 dynamic colors.
3. Automatic and manual control.
4. Mode and color adjustment.
5. Brightness adjustment.(can be Selection)
6. SATA power supply.
7. The normal 3pin fan have the PWM fan function. enjoy auto-speed control
8. Compatible with programmable RGB interface of RAINBOW, SYNC AURA motherboard.9. Can connect lights strip of ASUS


4-1. FAN 1-5 Channel
FAN1-5 connected to fan, FAN1 has sense speed detection function.
4-2. RAINBOW 1-5 Channel
RAINBOW1-5 connect fan or light bar. The triangle mark on the plug is aligned with the arrow on the controller.
MB RAINBOW is connected to the motherboard programmable RGB interface onboard. The triangle mark on the plug is aligned with the arrow on the controller.
4-4. SATA
SATA is the power supply interface and Output 5V and 12V DC voltage.
4-5. PWM-IN
PWM-IN connects to the motherboard PWM fan interface(SYS-FAN or CHA-FAN socket onboard)
4-6. SW switch
SW is the switch interface. Some case products have mode and color control multi-functions, and some products have brightness adjustment function. Reserve touch switch button interface.
4-7. TEST
In the TEST interface, the TEST interface is the PWM demo function interface. When the PWM fan is not connected motherboard, TEST (1 and 2 shortage by Jumper) are connected to drive the fan to run full speed.
4-8. STRIP
Can connect lights strip of ASUS for 3PIN.