9525 Bubble RGB
Galaxy Evo Gaming Case
USB3 +USB2x 7 color RGB LED Switchable Fans
Bubble RGB LED lighting



Unique Design - Unique Bubble Design Concept gives the  Galaxy Evo Gaming case individuality and makes for a distinctive choice

  • RGB LED and PWM Fan Controller - a conveniently-located fan controller switch gives you the option of  7 colors of LED light. The flick of this single switch changes all the LED colours for all  the fans and the front Bubble RGB LEDs all at once, making the excellent looking.            

  • Powerful Cooling Built-In - three Colour LED Fans, 3x 12cm  RGB fan (Optional), keep your system cool whilst providing extra style

  • Great Functionality with USB 3.0 - a front-top-mounted USB 3.0 port allows you to connect the latest USB 3.0 devices easily and take advantage of the advanced technology and speeds that come with them.

  • Even More Functionality - Easy tool-less HDD installation and PSU bottom loaded design for matching mainstream gaming case factor

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