PN61 provides one-stop quick solution of the unique Mini PC host for system integrator/build
- Desktop CPU solution with H610 MB, High-Performance Mini PC
- Customized 1.2L Mini PC host, wireless connection for FPIO, which is the onboard solution.
- TDP125W customized CPU cooler(full copper base, hot pipe) for i3/i5/i7
- Clean looking inside, quick install.
- For Barbone, the client just installed SSD/DDR5/CPU
- Chassis is fully CE/EMI designed, with Dust filter on both sides of the chassis.
- Optional MB upgrade to B660/B760/Q670 (Vpro) by MOQ required
- Adaptor power/Vesa mount included (or by OEM define)
- Wifi 5G BT or Wifi 6G+BT by selection.