There is multi-function LCD screen on front Panel to show temperature and fan speed and warning info if over the settled value of temperature of CPU,Small compact design, Slim front panel for saving desk space, unique dual cooling layout for provide best performance business PC system.
Color Black
Type Micro Slim Computer case
Mainboard MATX and ITX
Size 391*99*306mm
Weight: 3.0kg(Approx.)
Max.VGA card: 225mm
ODD: 1
HDD: 3.5x2 , 2.5x1
USB2.0 or 3.0, Audio
Optional Card-Reader(3in1)
Cooling system: Top fan 1x8cm included

LCD Display instruction:


1)Connect the Molex 4Pin connector with PSU

2)The display with show the following color in order-light blue,green,purple,yellow,red,purple,deep blue

3)Connect the 3pin connector on system fan-if you have in your system

4)Find the labels printed on temperature wires, connect the wire on the named parts-CPU/HDD/VGA

5)C/F-short pressing to stop light blinking, and stop one of color light.

LCD Display Function

1)Indicator for fan-Low(2,000rpm/sec),Middle(3,000rmb/sec),high(4,000rmp/sec)

2) Mode-Switch indicator for temperature, CPU/HDD/VGA--Buzzer sounds when the temperature is over than 60 degree.

3)Time indicator--can be adjusted by SET switch, After pressing,the time digit will blink, and then pressto adjust the time

4)Reset-After pressing, the TEMP display will return to CPU's centigrade mode wherever you switched to before

5)C/F-long pressing to switch Centigrade/Fahrenheit temperatureabout over 1 sec)


*Avoid any pressure or any sharp touch, LCD display could be damaged.

*Do not touch by wet finger, it causes some damages

*Do not remove or change any part