Solenoid Electronic Lock
Product Features:
Solenoid Electronic Lock(E-Lock)
the E-lock "Open" and "Close" via window application software


USB 2.0 Spec (USB2.0规格)

HID Class device without driver request(HID类设备,无需安装额外的驱动)

2CH High capacity 2A electromagnet driver(2路高容量2A电磁铁驱动)

Pulse operation protection , operation time less than 300mS(脉冲驱动操作,操作时间低于300mS)

Computer shutdown protection, to avoid driver damaged if PC software breakdown by unexpected.(电脑死机保护,避免程序意外崩溃导致驱动器损坏)

2 LED to indicate Lock and Unlock status.(2路LED指示工作状态)


The E-lock "Open" and "Close" via window application software

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