Internal USB2.0 HUB200
Product Features:
Internal USB2.0 HUB
The HUB200 addresses an issue common to most gaming PCs that is a lack of substantial power and expandability from the front-panel USBs. The HUB200 enhances control and boosts power for front-panel USB devices by connecting them directly to the power supply as opposed to the motherboard, ensuring that there is always enough power to control your accessories and peripherals.
The HUB200 also adds six internal USB ports that are great for powering items that you don’t need constant access too like a Bluetooth module or USB wireless router allowing you to free up the external ports for additional accessories.”

HUB200- USB Expansion Features:

  • 6 Internal USB expansion

  • 2 External USB expansion

  • Dedicated power from power supply

  • Plug and use, no drivers needed