Dust Sensor Switch
Product Features:
a) Display dust data scale to 0% to 100%
b) Display open-case event count
c) Set a threshold for dust data, once the data over the threshold, PC will sent an E-Mail to specified address
d) Every time open-case event trigged, PC will sent an E-Mail to specified address
e) The dust rate scale rate can be setting by user. (For the example: 200 set to 0% and 1500 set to 100 %.)

Function Details:

  1. Use Dust sensor to detect dust states.

  2. Report data of the dust sensor to PC though USB, PC will convert display the data to 0% to 100%.

  3. Board with lithium-ion battery charging circuit, external a lithium-ion battery and standby time up to 30days (with fully

charging and 1 times “open-case” event per day).

  4. Charging time 2~3 hours, the standby time will shorten if battery is not fully charging.

  5. Connect a extend micro switch to detect case-open event, count the trigged times and sent E-Mail automatically.

And the count can be saved even if PC is power off.

  6. Sensor will be connected to PC by HID device; the hardware connection is 100% compatible with the sample.

  7. It with one PC software which support WinXP/Vista/Win 7/Win8 , Microsoft .net framework 4.0 runtime is needed.

The PC software’s language is English. If you need change the language versions,

need the customer to provide corresponding language content.