TFX-300W 12VO
Intel ATX12VO Power Supply
Single rail power supply desktop platform from factors ATX12VO (12 V only), as computer are evolving, a new signal main-rail input power is needed to increase efficiency of the power supply.

Power Factor for Energy Star-Recommend

INPUTOutput Load Conditions (A)Power
AC230V/50HzTypical Load (50%)≥0.9
INPUTOutput Load Conditions (A)Power

Full Load (100%)≥0.9

Output Regulations

Output VoltageMINNominalMAXUnits

DC Load Requirements

DC Output+12V-12V+5VSB
Min Load (A)0.2A0.0A0.0A
Max Load (A)24A0.3A2A
Max. Power288W3.6W10W
Total Output Power300W (Max. Output)