GX-850 PRO WT (ATX3.0 PCIe5.0)
GameMax RPG(Rampage) Gold series GX-850 PRO 80+ Gold ATX3.0, PCIe5.0 Power supply, directly link RTX40 GPU cards! Without current loss compared with an old adapter cable technology! designed with stability and durability, GX RPG Series is the perfect choice to power your systems!
?Programming LLC MPS1213 Chipset LLC, More flexible than traditional LLC circuit design, Using software programming can make the entire LLC resonant circuit work in the best state. Good efficiency performance at light load and full load.
?DC-DC is controlled by the UP3861 chip. The 3.3V and 5V drive outputs form a 180-degree phase difference. more stable and the ripple noise is effectively reduced
?PCIE5.0 ready, Directly link by 12VPHWR connector, Provide 600W to GPU card! Additional along with rich connectors on backplane
?MPS6924 chip for synchronous rectification, which makes the synchronous rectification MOS tube always work in the best state and further improves the overall efficiency.
?Integrated all solid capacitors, Free-Cable module output, lower loss power
?105℃ main Japanese capacitor has a long life and smooth output
?100-240Vac full voltage input, Applicable voltage worldwide
?The temperature-controlled turbocharged axial fan is extremely quiet
?Total SIX levels of protection, OTP, OCP, SCP, OVP, UVP, OPP
?All black flat pure copper output cables, efficient and powerful
?Components by SMT produced, Quick 3D heat dissipation and more stable