TFX 275 12V0
TFX 275 Power Supply is Designed for small slim desktop SFF chassis, to improve the internal airflow of the PC by reducing the length of housing of the PSU
And offers you the most suitable cost/performance ratio and compatibility of various hardware configuration, making it the best choice for a system builder.
The 12V CPU power is available for a high business PC system with a 4 + 4 CPU connector, L shaped SATA connectors meaning you can use it in a compact desktop chassis.
Finally, there is full electrical protection and official safety is promised by sohoo factory.

TFX 275 Power supply

Key Features

  • Compatible with ATX 12V 2.3

  • High-end SECC 0.6mm casing

  • 150m length of housing, optimized for desktop SFF chassis

  • Low Noise 8cm Fan with intelligent fan speed control

  • Honeycomb ventilation design for optimal heat dissipation

  • Active Power Factor rate up to 0.99

  • OPP/OVP/UVP/SCP electrical protection included

  • Safety / EMI Approvals: CE,FCC

PSU Specifications

AC INPUT: 100-240 VAC 6~3A 50-60Hz
Max Watt275W

TFX Short Type Housing Draw 65*85*150mm: