What does mATX stand for and why are there so many representations?

What does mATX stand for and why are there so many representations?

MATX is an abbreviation for Micro ATX. One other common representation of these cases are uATX. The 'u' is simply the scientific abbreviation for micro. When someone is referring to a matx case, they're simply referring to the MicroATX form factor. These cases are oftentimes referred to as mini atx as well.

What is a micro ATX Case?

Micro ATX cases are small form factor desktop computer towers used to create compact, custom desktop PCs. Among these mATX cases, you'll be able to find the right case for your next computer system, from low-cost budget cases to high-end enthusiast grade cases. With a diverse selection from brands and manufacturers such as AeroCool, Fractal Design, BitFenix, Rosewill, and Cooler Master, you'll be able to find the best PC chassis for the job.

Which is the best micro ATX case for me?

The best choice for you is the case that best fits your budget and will support your hardware needs. If you are going to build an enthusiast or gaming PC, you'll need a bit larger interior to fit your video cards and cooling systems. If you're going for a low cost case, then you may want a case that includes a power supply to save on buying a separate part. We've also got compact and slim cases in case you're looking to create a low profile system, such as an HTPC. Some of the cases may come with power supply while others don't. If you're building a basic PC then the bundled power supply that comes with the case will work just fine. If you are using higher level components then you may want to upgrade the PSU before building (bundled power supplies tend to be lower grade and aren't recommended for high end builds).

What type of power supply do I need for a Micro ATX case?

The two most common types of power supplies for Micro ATX cases are Micro ATX PSUs and ATX PSUs. While Micro ATX cases cannot support full sized ATX motherboards, many have been designed to house full sized ATX power supplies. Check the specs of the case to see what the power supply compatibilty list says to make sure you purchase the right size. If your case accepts only an ATX power supply, you cannot buy a mATX PSU for it. Similarly, if the case is calling for an mATX power supply you won't be able to use a standard ATX model.