HUB300 Internal HUB
Product Features:
USB3.0 & USB2.0 Internal HUB
Input USB3.0 19pin
Output 19pin
Output 19pin
Output 9pin
Output USB3.0 Type A
Output USB2.0 Type A
DC SATA power input
Product interface specifications:
1. Product Name: GMX HUB300 Built-in USB3.0 and USB2.0 Extension
2. The main control chip: GL3510-QFN64+ FE8.1-SSOP16.
3. Expansion interface: USB3.0 IDC 19pin*3/USB2.0 2.54 9PIN*2/USB3.0 AF Interface*1/External Power SATA Interface*1.
4. Support input interface: USB3.0 IDC 19pin.
5. Support output interface: USB3.0 IDC 19pin/ USB2.0 2.54 9PIN/ USB3.0 AF female
6. Theoretical rate: 3.0 5Gbps+2.0 480Mbps

Support system:
1. The computer motherboard must have an IDC 19pin expansion interface.
2. Support Windows XP Vista/7/8.1/10.

Hardware installation:
1. Connect the HUB300 product after turning off the computer.
2. Disconnect the computer from the power source.
3. Remove the computer cover
4. Connect the USB3.0 IDC 19pin cable to the motherboard IDC 19pin connector.
5. Connect the SATA power connector of the chassis to the SATA interface of the HUB300.
6. Turn the computer back on after the product is connected.

Product packaging accessories:
1. Connect the computer USB3.0 19PIN wire (50CM)